Let Us Build and Grow a Business Around Your Idea


LaCire was founded to maximize the power of the innovator. Our business model is built on helping innovators change the world and building the necessary foundation for them to succeed. At LaCire, we work with change-makers to define your version of authentic success in your company.

We do the work to build and grow a business, including putting systems in place, creating and implementing workplans and setting businesses up for long term success. We help you define goals and milestones and create a path, all while understanding the boundaries and needs of the individual firm. We then work to move the team along this path, working through the challenging problems and creating simple and elegant solutions that are completely customized. In the process, we enable your people to make the greatest contribution and all succeed.


Who We Are

LaCire employs business leaders and expert project and portfolio managers who have decades of experience in corporate operations. We have managed corporate growth and program success across industries. We help build your company around your idea.

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What We Do

Our experts define success based on what your company’s overall goals are and works within your framework to build the foundation you need to be successful.

We are experienced in working with women and minority owned and led businesses and the unique challenges facing those organizations.

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Why Us?

LaCire will help your company be successful in the face of change. You deserve to have someone build the plane so that you can fly. You deserve to have someone build a solid business and structure behind your idea so that you and your team can be successful.

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Our Practice

LaCire will help your company be successful in the face of change. We are dedicated to respecting your company and culture. We want to work with you to build your dream.


We take the stress out of building a business.


A Top Service

Innovation needs a solid foundation on which to support ideas. LaCire helps you build and develop a business around the innovator. We focus on providing flexible, client-facing systems to enable your success.

International Offerings

LaCire can help you establish and grow in the United States.